29 May 2015

Uretex Pubovaginal Support Kit by C.R. Bard

Uretex CR Bard

Uretex is a polypropylene transvaginal mesh that is made by the medical device company C.R. Bard. It is among the transvaginal mesh products that have been the subject of numerous lawsuits following reports of serious injury by many women.

What is Uretex?
Uretex is often sold as part of a pubovaginal support kit, with precise models being the Uretex TO, Uretex TOO2 and Uretex TOO3. TO stands for trans-obturator – a thin tape made from synthetic materials and intended to support the urethra.
The intention of Uretex products then, is to provide support for the urethra in order to help combat stress urinary incontinence. This is a condition suffered by many women, that causes a leakage of urine during laughter, coughing, sneezing, exercise and other activities.

Complications and Problems
Similar to other transvaginal mesh products, there have been numerous reports of complications, injuries, side effects and damages resulting from use of Uretex. These problems are mostly caused by the mesh rubbing against the inside of the vagina and against the organs that it is supposed to support. The resulting symptoms include:

  • Bleeding
  • Erosion
  • Permanent scarring
  • Infection
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Recurrence of SUI

This all suggests C.R. Bard neglected to properly test the design of these products, allegedly caused in part at least by the 510(K) approval process, wherein the FDA does not require products to be tested on humans, as long as there are similar products on the market.

What’s more, research conducted by the FDA, suggests that these products are no more likely to provide effective treatment for stress urinary incontinence than other, much safer procedures. This is despite the company’s marketing to the contrary. In some cases, it has been alleged that certain mesh products were released prior to any testing on humans whatsoever.
Controversy and Lawsuits

C.R. Bard is the maker of a number of different vaginal mesh implants including Align, Avaulta and others. The company was the first to be ordered to pay compensation for such a product where the jury awarded one claimant $3.5 million.

C.R. Bard is only one of several companies that are facing pressure for these implants. Other companies, such as Johnson and Johnson also have many lawsuits filed against them.

In total, Bard has over 12,000 federal lawsuits against them, consolidated into one single multidistrict litigation (MDL). Over 500 of these cases have already been settled but many more are still pending.

If you have been negatively affected by Uretex products or any other transvaginal mesh implants, then get in touch today and we can discuss whether or not you may have a case. A transvaginal mesh lawyer is someone with extensive experience and knowledge with regards to these cases particularly and who is intimately familiar with the current status of each product and all pending cases.

Together, we can help ensure you have the best possible chance of getting the compensation that you deserve so that you can start getting on with your life again as normally as possible.


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