Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit Settlement Updates

Several reports and lawsuits claimed have indicated that mesh manufacturers either tried to conceal, manipulate or avoid negative reports related to their transvaginal mesh products. In some cases, the manufacturers are accused of conducting inadequate field studies before releasing the products. As a result, many patients suffered serious health complications, permanent disabilities and debilitating pain. If you or a loved one has suffered complications resulting from transvaginal implants, contact our team today to learn more about your legal options

Polypropylene and Other Polymers Causing Health Complications with Vaginal and Hernia Mesh Implants

On May 13, Chris DeArmitt from Phantom Plastics appeared on 60 Minutes, touching on some of the dangers associated with mesh constructed from polypropylene (PP) sourced from China and Texas. In a subsequent interview, he discussed more regarding the inherent … Read more

vaginal and hernia mesh implants 60 minutes

Vaginal Mesh Manufacturer Ethicon Fails to Disclose Serious Health Risks to Physicians

According to a BBC Panorama investigation, Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, failed to inform physicians that vaginal mesh implants had caused chronic pain and side effects in some patients. In addition, the investigative report also discovered that a transvaginal … Read more

ethicon vaginal mesh

Vaginal Mesh Implants Provided by Boston Scientific Deemed Unfit and Potentially Defective for the Human Body

On May 13, a 60 Minutes broadcast reported on a story about thousands of women suffering injuries from vaginal mesh implants. According to the report, unstable plastic was knowingly used by Boston Scientific. The manufacturer’s vaginal mesh implants are used … Read more

vaginal mesh boston scientific

What are the Complications of Transvaginal Mesh Implants?

Transvaginal mesh implants are small patch-like devices that are inserted in the pelvic cavity to hold back and retain prolapsed organs and organs that have shifted out of the proper anatomical position, including the urethra, rectum, uterus, small intestine and … Read more

transvaginal mesh implant

InterPro Y Sling by American Medical Systems

American Medical Systems is one of the companies responsible for ineffectual and potentially dangerous transvaginal mesh products. These products have caused serious injury and trauma to thousands of women and the company has already been forced to pay out millions … Read more

interpro mesh ams

Transvaginal Mesh Implant FAQ: What is Pelvic Organ Prolapse?

Transvaginal mesh implants, also called pelvic mesh implants, have been at the center of a lawsuit firestorm, with approximately 70,000 lawsuits filed in a multi-district litigation (MDL) case in the Southern District of West Virginia federal court and as much … Read more

pelvic organ prolapse

Apogee Vaginal Mesh Systems by American Medical Systems

American Medical Systems has three products under the Apogee branding aimed at helping to treat women with stress urinary incontinence and vaginal vault prolapse. Here are the following products: Apogee Pelvic Floor Repair System Apogee Systems with PC Coated IntePro … Read more


Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit vs. Boston Scientific Results in $100M Award

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE — A jury as ruled in favor of of the plaintiff in the case of a New Jersey woman who experienced multiple surgeries and extensive complications as the result of a transvaginal mesh implant manufactured by Boston Scientific … Read more

boston scientific verdict

Uretex Pubovaginal Support Kit by C.R. Bard

Uretex is a polypropylene transvaginal mesh that is made by the medical device company C.R. Bard. It is among the transvaginal mesh products that have been the subject of numerous lawsuits following reports of serious injury by many women. What … Read more

Uretex CR Bard

Pelvitex Mesh Implant by C.R. Bard

Pelvitex is a line of transvaginal mesh implants manufactured by Bard Medical. These products have received a lot of negative attention in recent years, attributed to a number of serious complications and unwanted side effects. Thousands of women have had … Read more

Pelvitex CR Bard

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