3 June 2015

InterPro Y Sling by American Medical Systems

interpro mesh ams

American Medical Systems is one of the companies responsible for ineffectual and potentially dangerous transvaginal mesh products. These products have caused serious injury and trauma to thousands of women and the company has already been forced to pay out millions of dollars in settlements.

One of the company’s products is the InterPro Y Sling, which is similarly risky for patients despite being sold from the website still.

What is the InterPro Y Sling?

The InterPro Y Sling, Y-Mesh or Y-Graft, is a product used for sacrocolpopexy procedures from manufacturer American Medical Systems. In plainer terms, this is a mesh designed to help repair and treat vaginal vault prolapse, which sees the top of the vagina collapsing into the bottom. It is implanted through the abdomen and permanently inserted into place where it is intended to provide extra support for the tissues and muscles in the area.

The sling is made to attach to the vaginal apex and at the sacrum and is intended to gradually restore the apex to its correct position. It features large pores intended to allow for the growth of fibrous connective tissue and has Bi-directional elasticity to prevent unravelling even when trimmed to smaller sizes.

Risks and Complications

Despite the impressive sounding description on the website, the InterPro Y Sling poses many of the same risks and warnings as other vaginal mesh products. Vaginal meshes run the considerable risk of causing vaginal erosion, wearing down the inside of the vagina and causing bleeding, scarring, vaginal shrinking, discomfort and pain during sex. Vaginal meshes have also been known to lead to infections and to be rejected by the body.

Even if there are no negative health consequences from using these products, they have been found often not to work in their intended purpose, resulting in relapse for patients and often requiring multiple surgeries. The FDA warns that complications from these devices are ‘not rare’ and that they are more likely to fail in their intended purposes than other products.

In fact, this is something that American Medical Systems is fully aware of and even states on the website:

“Some of the most severe risks associated with prolapse procedures include bleeding (hematoma), perforation of vessels, nerves, bladder, ureter, urethra, or bowel; erosion of the implant through neighboring tissue, and infection. Some of the most common risks include; vaginal extrusion, De Novo/ worsening incontinence, dyspareunia, and pain.

If infection or erosion occur, the entire mesh may have to be removed or revised. Prolapse repair may unmask pre-existing incontinence. Do not perform this procedure on pregnant patients.”

Lawsuits and Settlements
For these reasons, American Medical Systems has been required to pay millions in settlements to thousands of women. Nevertheless the company still faces many open lawsuits and is likely to face many more over the coming years.

If you have been a victim of vaginal mesh products such as the InterPro Y Sling, then get in touch today and we can help you to get the compensation and the justice that you deserve.


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