13 June 2015

Boston Scientific Faces Lawsuits Due to Dangerous Obtryx Products


Obtryx is the brand name for a range of transvaginal mesh products manufactured by Boston Scientific. These products are designed to help women cope with serious and embarrassing conditions but tragically were rushed to market without proper testing. The results have been devastating for thousands of women who now must live with permanent scarring and discomfort as a result.

What is Obtryx?

Obtryx is a transvaginal mesh that works similarly to other devices in the same product category. It is a mesh that’s less than a millimeter thick, designed to be implanted through the vaginal wall where it can help to offer structural support to organs. All these products are intended to help the organs maintain their anatomical structure by acting like a ‘hammock’ to keep internal organs from prolapsing.

Unfortunately, Obtryx and many other mesh products are also known to cause significant irritation. This occurs as the mesh scrapes on the inside of the vagina and on the pelvic organs, causing bleeding, secretion, scarring, infection and pain. This is known as ‘vaginal erosion’ and requires the complete removal of the mesh to treat.

Each of these products has been marketed by their manufacturers as offering ‘non-invasive’ and effective treatment for a condition that can cause significant discomfort. Instead allegedly, it has more often than not resulted in multiple unnecessary surgeries, significant discomfort and infection and permanent repercussions and side effects.

To read the brochure for the Obtryx II, you would have no indication that the product might involve any risk or discomfort:

“A set of enhanced features that are designed to provide smooth sling placement, intra-operative adjustability with minimal tissue disruption and increased physician visualization that aids in precise sling placement.”

Lawsuits and Settlements

With thousands of women injured and traumatized due to the use of Obtryx products and similar mesh implants, Boston Scientific has found itself on the receiving end of countless transvaginal mesh lawsuits. Together, these manufacturers have ordered to pay out millions already and continue to face ongoing trials.

If you have ever used a product from Boston Scientific and have experienced pain, discomfort or inconvenience, you may be entitled to a settlement. Get in touch and one of our lawyers will help you to pursue the case further.


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