1 June 2015

BioArc vaginal mesh sling by American Medical Systems

bioarc vaginal mesh sling

The BioArc range of slings are products from American Medical Systems, designed to provide treatment for stress urinary incontinence through the use of a supportive structure for the urethra known as a trans-obturator.

The following is a list of dangerous BioArc products:

  • BioArc
  • BioArc
  • BioArc SP Sling System
  • BioArc TO Subfascial Hammock

These products are now considered dangerous and ineffective and have caused irreparable injury and trauma to thousands of women. If you have used a BioArc product or any other transvaginal mesh implant from American Medical Systems, read on to learn about the dangers and whether you may be entitled to some form of compensation.

What is BioArc?

BioArc is a vaginal sling that is intended to support the urethras of women suffering with stress urinary incontinence. This is a condition that causes poor bladder control, triggered by laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercise. The problem is one experienced by a large number of women, especially following childbirth, hysterectomy or menopause.

Health Risks and Lawsuits

The BioArc systems are among hundreds of surgical mesh products from American Medical Systems and other companies to have caused serious injury and complications for women and thousands of lawsuits have now been filed relating to the topic. A transvaginal mesh attorney is someone who deals specifically with cases relating to these products.

The problems caused by transvaginal mesh products are the result of erosion occurring internally. Here, the products move around once inserted and thereby create friction against the vaginal walls and urethra. In turn, this then causes vaginal bleeding, constant discomfort, pain during intercourse, vaginal shortening and tightening and a high risk of infection. Scarring is also common.

Another complaint against BioArc and similar products is that they are not found to work as advertised. American Medical Systems claims that the device can offer superior reduction in symptoms when compared to other procedures, despite research from the FDA failing to support these assertions. In many cases patients experience a recurrence of symptoms only shortly after receiving the implant. This results in patients undergoing multiple surgeries at great risk to them.

If you have experienced any similar symptoms resulting from the use of BioArc products or other American Medical Systems transvaginal mesh products, then you should consider finding a transvaginal mesh attorney to represent you. Hundreds of thousands of women have been awarded millions of dollars in compensation for similar cases and you may be entitled to compensation. Please timely contact us as time is limited to file your claim.


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