29 May 2015

Avaulta Transvaginal Mesh Implants Complications and Lawsuits

Avaulta Transvaginal Meshes are a range of products from C.R. Bard that are designed to treat and manage stress urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse (POP). The product has recently been pulled from the market, following the discovery that many women were suffering injuries and complications as a result of their use.

Avaulta victims have since filed numerous lawsuits, while a number of other C.R. Bard products have also come under scrutiny and been linked to possible injuries – including Pevilace, Pelvitex, Pelvisoft, Collagen Matrix and Pelvicol Acellular. Avaulta however is among the products that have had the most attention.

If you have suffered any complications as a result of an Avaulta implant, then you may be entitled to compensation.
Lawsuits and Controversy

The aim of the Avaulta product line is to treat pelvic organ prolapse by providing a ‘mesh like structure’ to support the pelvic organs.

The Avaulta products include:

  • Avaulta Plus BioSynthetic Support System
  • Avaulta Solo Support System
  • Avaulta Solo Synthetic Support System

However, in many cases, the transvaginal mesh implant has been found to erode over time and to become erosive against the inside of the vagina, as well as to the organs that it is intended to protect. As a result, it can lead to constant pain, pain during intercourse, vaginal shortening, prolapse, scarring and infection.

In 2008, the FDA issues an official warning stating that patients implanted with these meshes were at serious risk of complications. The company subsequently stopped selling the Avaulta Plus mesh products in July 2012 and one month later, the company was found liable for $3.6 million in damages for a case relating to the Avaulta line specifically. The money was awarded to Christine Scott, who had received irreversible scars due to her use of the implant. Similar cases have been won by Wanda Queen and Carolyn Jones.

Since then, over 12,000 federal lawsuits have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation in West Virginia alone. The company recently settled 500 cases but there are many more still open.

Do You Have a Case?

As one of the more high profile products involved in the controversy, those suffering with complications from Avaulta mesh use have a good chance of obtaining compensation.

We have helped to represent countless victims and have helped them to get the compensation they deserve. If you have been injured from these products, then you may have had to deal with financial hardship due to time off work, medical bills and serious emotional and physical pain and suffering.

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