Hernia Mesh Implants and the Different Signs of Infection Caused by the Operation

Developing a hernia mesh infection can be absolutely devastating. Antibiotics cannot do not cure hernia mesh infections, and surgery is typically required to remove the material from the body. The revision surgery to remove hernia mesh is often time consuming … Read more

hernia mesh implants

In-Fast Mesh Implants by American Medical Systems

In-Fast vaginal slings are devices designed to treat urinary incontinence in women, using a surgical mesh to attempt to add support to the internal structures of the vagina and the urethra. Like many other vaginal mesh products however, it has … Read more

In-Fast Mesh Implants

Elevate Anterior & Posterior Prolapse Repair System

This article will discuss the health risks and lawsuits surrounding the Elevate brand of products from American Medical Systems. These include the following two devices: Elevate Anterior & Posterior Prolapse Repair System Elevate with InteXen LP Prolapse Repair System Both … Read more

elevate mesh prolapse

BioArc vaginal mesh sling by American Medical Systems

The BioArc range of slings are products from American Medical Systems, designed to provide treatment for stress urinary incontinence through the use of a supportive structure for the urethra known as a trans-obturator. The following is a list of dangerous … Read more

bioarc vaginal mesh sling

Apogee Vaginal Mesh Systems by American Medical Systems

American Medical Systems has three products under the Apogee branding aimed at helping to treat women with stress urinary incontinence and vaginal vault prolapse. Here are the following products: Apogee Pelvic Floor Repair System Apogee Systems with PC Coated IntePro … Read more


American Medical Systems (AMS)

American Medical Systems, also known as AMS is a company belonging to Endo International PLC, itself a global health care corporation with over 100 years in the industry. AMS specifically has recently been involved in a vast number of lawsuits … Read more

american medical systems

Uretex Pubovaginal Support Kit by C.R. Bard

Uretex is a polypropylene transvaginal mesh that is made by the medical device company C.R. Bard. It is among the transvaginal mesh products that have been the subject of numerous lawsuits following reports of serious injury by many women. What … Read more

Uretex CR Bard

Pelvitex Mesh Implant by C.R. Bard

Pelvitex is a line of transvaginal mesh implants manufactured by Bard Medical. These products have received a lot of negative attention in recent years, attributed to a number of serious complications and unwanted side effects. Thousands of women have had … Read more

Pelvitex CR Bard

Pelvisoft Biomesh by C.R. Bard

Pelvisoft Biomesh is one of many products designed by Bard Medical with the intention of treating pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. Specifically, Pelvisoft Biomesh is the name of a particular material, that is used across a wide number … Read more

Pelvisoft Mesh CR Bard

Pelvicol Tissue By C.R. Bard

C.R. Bard have been forced to pay compensation to countless victims who have experienced physical and emotional trauma through the use of their vaginal mesh products. Many of these products are made from an ‘acellular collagen matrix’ – a synthetic … Read more

Pelvicol cr bard

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