Hernia Mesh Implants and the Different Signs of Infection Caused by the Operation

Developing a hernia mesh infection can be absolutely devastating. Antibiotics cannot do not cure hernia mesh infections, and surgery is typically required to remove the material from the body. The revision surgery to remove hernia mesh is often time consuming … Read more

hernia mesh implants

Ethicon Targeted Over Defective Hernia Mesh Implants Lawsuits Causing Health Complications

Early in 2018, an Idaho plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon over prolonged abdominal weakness and chronic pain suffered for seven years following an incisional hernia operation due to a defective mesh implant. The health issues … Read more

hernia mesh implant lawsuit

Polypropylene and Other Polymers Causing Health Complications with Vaginal and Hernia Mesh Implants

On May 13, Chris DeArmitt from Phantom Plastics appeared on 60 Minutes, touching on some of the dangers associated with mesh constructed from polypropylene (PP) sourced from China and Texas. In a subsequent interview, he discussed more regarding the inherent … Read more

vaginal and hernia mesh implants 60 minutes

Hernia Mesh MDL Cases Over Ethicon Physiomesh Implant Going Forward in 2019

After spending years in litigation over transvaginal mesh implants, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary is now the target of lawsuits related to is hernia mesh implants. A complex hernia requires surgery to reconstruct the abdominal wall using a mesh patch stitched … Read more

ethicon physiomesh implant

Ethicon and Plaintiffs in Physiomesh Implant Lawsuits Vie Over Ex Parte Contact

During Nov. 2017, multidistrict litigation targeting the Physiomesh manufactured by Ethicon focused on who’d be permitted to get ex parte contact with the physicians treating the plaintiffs in the case. In most multidistrict litigation cases pertaining to medical devices or … Read more

physiomesh implant lawsuits

Vaginal Mesh Manufacturer Ethicon Fails to Disclose Serious Health Risks to Physicians

According to a BBC Panorama investigation, Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, failed to inform physicians that vaginal mesh implants had caused chronic pain and side effects in some patients. In addition, the investigative report also discovered that a transvaginal … Read more

ethicon vaginal mesh

Hernia Mesh Implants: An Overview of the Materials, Risks and Lawsuits Associated with these Devices

Since 2006, there have been over 100,000 pelvic mesh lawsuits filed against manufacturers for supplying defective and dangerous products. For many of these big-brand manufactures, this is simply deemed the cost of doing business. While pelvic mesh litigation began attracting … Read more

hernia mesh lawsuit implant

Vaginal Mesh Implants Provided by Boston Scientific Deemed Unfit and Potentially Defective for the Human Body

On May 13, a 60 Minutes broadcast reported on a story about thousands of women suffering injuries from vaginal mesh implants. According to the report, unstable plastic was knowingly used by Boston Scientific. The manufacturer’s vaginal mesh implants are used … Read more

vaginal mesh boston scientific

Pelvic Mesh Implant Lawsuits Filed Against Ethicon over Defective Manufacturing

Reports estimate that 100,000 families have filed lawsuits against Ethicon for the pelvic mesh they manufacture. Lenda Suggs claims that the pelvic mesh implant she has causes her constant discomfort and stops her from leaving the house at all. To … Read more

ethicon mesh implant lawsuit

The Lynx Suprapubic Mid-Urethral Sling System is Dangerous and Ineffective

The Lynx Suprapubic Mid-Urethral Sling System is another transvaginal mesh implant that has come under scrutiny for being ineffective and potentially dangerous. These products can potentially cause permanent scarring and serious consequences for women and the manufacturer – Boston Scientific … Read more

transvaginal mesh implant

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