Ethicon Mesh Recall Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon has been named in a large number of lawsuits over the unstable polymer used in its vaginal, hernia and pelvic mesh implant products. The particular plastics used in these devices are known to be associated with serious infections, continuous pain, a higher complication rate, permanent disabilities and potentially death.

Internal documents and investigative reports have uncovered that Ethicon participated in several irresponsible business practices in launching the high-risk product.

Thousands have already filed lawsuits against Ethicon over the defective mesh implants. If you or a loved one are suffering because of these mesh implants, contact our team today for a legal consultation.

Ethicon Targeted Over Defective Hernia Mesh Implants Lawsuits Causing Health Complications

Early in 2018, an Idaho plaintiff filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson subsidiary Ethicon over prolonged abdominal weakness and chronic pain suffered for seven years following an incisional hernia operation due to a defective mesh implant. The health issues … Read more

hernia mesh implant lawsuit

Hernia Mesh MDL Cases Over Ethicon Physiomesh Implant Going Forward in 2019

After spending years in litigation over transvaginal mesh implants, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary is now the target of lawsuits related to is hernia mesh implants. A complex hernia requires surgery to reconstruct the abdominal wall using a mesh patch stitched … Read more

ethicon physiomesh implant

Ethicon and Plaintiffs in Physiomesh Implant Lawsuits Vie Over Ex Parte Contact

During Nov. 2017, multidistrict litigation targeting the Physiomesh manufactured by Ethicon focused on who’d be permitted to get ex parte contact with the physicians treating the plaintiffs in the case. In most multidistrict litigation cases pertaining to medical devices or … Read more

physiomesh implant lawsuits

Vaginal Mesh Manufacturer Ethicon Fails to Disclose Serious Health Risks to Physicians

According to a BBC Panorama investigation, Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, failed to inform physicians that vaginal mesh implants had caused chronic pain and side effects in some patients. In addition, the investigative report also discovered that a transvaginal … Read more

ethicon vaginal mesh

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