26 June 2013

Cook Medical Inc Pelvic Support Systems Products Liability Litigation

The Defendant in this lawsuit is Cook Medical Inc., which is a corporation existing under the laws of Indiana, with it’s headquarters located in Bloomington, Indiana.

Plaintiffs have filed lawsuits claiming that one or more of the Defendant’s Pelvic Mesh Implant Products, which were implanted to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence, have failed and caused severe complications. Many of the plaintiff’s have included their spouses in the lawsuit for loss of consortium caused by these complications.

The plaintiffs allege that the trans-vaginal products are defective in that they are biologically incompatible with human tissue and promote a negative immune response in a large subset of the population implanted with Defendants mesh implant devices.

These women have endured years of chronic pain and loss of normal functional activities, which are a result of the mesh causing problems with nerves, infection, extrusion through tissue, disintegration, organ perforation, and many other complications including the loss of ability to engage in sexual relations.

In addition to the defective design, the plaintiffs also allege that the defendants failed to warn of the dangers associated with the devices when they aggressively sold and marketed their expensive equipment to hospitals and doctors.

The names of the mesh implants in this lawsuit are:

a) Surgisis Biodesign Bladder Sling

b) Surgisis Biodesign Urethral Sling, and

c) Surgisis Biodesign Tension Free Urethral Sling


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