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Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit & Settlement Information

Tens of thousands of patients who have suffered from the use of defective transvaginal mesh implants have filed lawsuits against the manufacturers of this product. defective mesh products were marketed as a safe device that provided superior results to non-mesh alternatives, and many individuals had the device implanted in them for the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence.

If you or a loved one has been adversely affected by the use of these defective devices, you have a right to seek compensation for your injuries or your loved one’s injuries. We can help you through every step of this process.

Complications our clients are reporting

Many cases have included the women having been forced to undergo intensive medical treatment, including but not limited to: operations to locate and remove mesh, operations to attempt to repair pelvic organs, tissue, and nerve damage, the use of pain control and other medications, injections into various areas of the pelvis, spine, and the vagina, operations to remove portions of the female genitalia, and injuries to plaintiff’s intimate partners.

Other complications have also included, Mesh erosion, mesh contraction, infection, fistula, inflammation, scar tissue, organ perforation, dyspareunia, blood loss, neuropathic and other acute and chronic nerve damage and pain, pudendal nerve damage, pelvic floor damage, pelvic pain, urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse of organs.

If you are experiencing anything listed above please contact our firm immediately.

Providing recovery & compensation for damages

Many women have suffered significant mental and physical pain, as well as sustained permanent injury and permanent and substantial physical deformity; has undergone and will undergo corrective surgery or surgeries, suffered financial or economic loss, including, but not limited to: obligations for medical services and expenses, present and future lost wages, and a loss of consortium for their husbands.

Why should you file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit?

In many cases, filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit is the only sensible way to recuperate money that victims have lost due to exorbitant medical expenses and lost wages. Some injured patients have begun filing transvagnial mesh lawsuits to seek compensation for the damages that they have sustained as a result of using the defective devices.

Have You Been Treated With Mesh?
(877) 274-8672
You may be eligible for financial compensation.
By submitting. I consent to the terms in MeshLawsuits.info Privacy Policy.

We will never share or discuss your private information.
Complete the online case request form or call (877) 274-8672 to learn how a personal injury attorney can help you file suit against the parties responsible for your accident or injuries. Your injuries and damages should be covered and we can help you file claims against the insurance companies.
Mesh Lawsuit Verdicts

Federal Jury Awards Plaintiff $3.27 Million against Johnson and Johnson.

In this case the Plaintiff, Jo Huskey, was implanted with the Gynecare TVT Obturator to treat stress urinary incontinence of her bladder.  She claimed several serious side effects including pelvic pain.  After finding that the product was defectively designed the jury awarded the plaintiff $100,000 for medical care, $470,000 for past pain and suffering, $2.5 million for future pain and suffering, and $200,000 to the plaintiff’s husband for loss of consortium damages.

Dallas Texas Jury Verdict of $73 million against Boston Scientific Corp.

In this case the jury awarded the Plaintiff $23 million in compensatory damages and $50 million in punitive damages after finding the company grossly negligent. Plaintiff, Martha Salazar, a 42 year old woman was implanted with the Obtryx Transvaginal Mesh Sling.  The mesh was implanted to treat her incontinence problems with her bladder.  After having the implant for four years she now suffers permanent nerve damage.  The lawsuit alleged that Boston Scientific intentionally designed and marketed the product while having knowledge it was defective.   

Bellwether Trial Against C.R. Bard Concludes on August 15, 2013, Jury Awards Plaintiff $2 million

On August 15, 2013 a federal jury awarded $2 million in damages to a Georgia woman, which includes $1.75 million in punitive damages and $250,000 in compensatory damages. This trial, the first of over 20,000 cases pending against C.R. Bard began on July 29, 2013. The jury found that C.R. Bard failed to warn of the dangers involved with the implantation of their vaginal mesh devices. The plaintiff alleged that C.R. Bard knew the device was not suitable for human implantation. The jury deliberated for 12 hours throughout 2 days before finding C.R. Bard liable for the damages suffered by Donna Cisson. Ms. Cisson's first trial ended in mistrial after a doctor testified that C.R. Bard removed their products from the marketplace after the judge ruled this evidence inadmissible.

New Jersey Jury Verdict of $11 Million in Lawsuit Against Gynecare Prolift Includes Punitive Damages

In this lawsuit the Plaintiff, a former nurse from South Dakota, won an $11 million verdict against Defendant Ethicon. On February 25, 2013, after a six-week trial the jury returned a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff, which awarded her $3.35 million in compensatory damages and $7.76 million in punitive damages. The lawsuit involved the failure of the Gynecare Prolift vaginal mesh implant, which was used as a sling support system for pelvic organ prolapse. The synthetic porous materials are usually tied to muscles or bone to hold the organ in place. The pain and numerous complications from this implant caused the plaintiff to stop working as a nurse shortly after the implant surgery. The mesh implant eroded through her vagina and required numerous unsuccessful repair and revision surgeries. This is the first trial where Punitive Damages were awarded. Plaintiff's attorneys remain confident that Substantial Punitive Damages will be awarded in future verdicts.

Defendant American Medical Systems Settles Lawsuits For The Amount of $54.5 million

Officials from American Medical Systems on June 20, 2013 announced in a regulatory filing that they would settle an undisclosed number of vaginal mesh implant lawsuits for $54.5 million. Many of the women claimed that the mesh implants eroded in their bodies and left them in great deals of pain and incontinent. There are thousands more lawsuits pending against American Medical Systems and future settlements are likely to be substantial. A spokesperson for the company declined to comment on the settlement and stated that as a matter of company policy they would not be making any public comments on pending or future litigation. American Medical Systems manufactures the Apogee, Perigee, Mini-Arc Sling, Monarc Subfascial Hammock, Sparc, Bio-Arc, In-Fast Ultra, Influence In-Fast, and Elevate vaginal mesh products. While these settlements involved only a few of the plaintiffs claims, attorneys representing thousands in Federal Court remained hopeful that further progress would be made.

Jury Verdict of $5.5 Million in Lawsuit Against Defendant C.R. Bard ‘s Avaulta Plus Implant

In this case the Plaintiff and her husband won a $5.5 million verdict against Defendant C.R. Bard in Bakersfield, California. This case involved the failure of the Bard Avaulta Plus Vaginal Mesh Implant, which left the Plaintiff incontinent, with constant pain and the inability to have sex. The Plaintiff had to endure 8 surgeries and numerous other corrective procedures to treat her complications. The Plaintiff alleged that the Bard Avaulta Plus Implant was defective and the manufacturer failed to warn about the products risks. She also sued the doctor that implanted the mesh. The jury found that Bard was negligent in its design and marketing of the vaginal mesh device and awarded $5 million to the Plaintiff to compensate her for medical bills and pain and suffering and also awarded $500,000 to her husband for loss of consortium. Bard officials stated after the verdict that they were disappointed and would appeal the jury’s decision.

Federal Court Multidistrict Lawsuit Against C.R. Bard Inc. Moves Forward To Bellwether Trials

Due the number of lawsuits filed by women who have suffered from complications due to defective trans-vaginal mesh implants, the Federal Court System has consolidated these lawsuits into one Federal Court. Currently there are tens of thousands of cases pending against CR. Bard Inc. brought by women who have been injured by their defective vaginal mesh products. All of these cases federal cases are now pending at the Federal Court for the Southern District of West Virginia. This means that all cases across the country have been consolidated before a judge in the Southern District of West Virginia Federal Court. There are four bellwether trials, which are currently scheduled to begin on July 8, 2013. These trials are known as bellwether trials and are helpful to determine the settlement values of other similar cases.

Federal Court Multidistrict Lawsuit Against American Medical Systems, Inc. In Progress

The American Medical Systems Federal Court Multidistrict Litigation Panel began after the C.R. Bard Multidistrict Litigation. American Medical Systems made similar trans-vaginal mesh implant products as C.R. Bard Inc. As with C.R. Bard Inc. American Medical Systems Inc. faces thousands of lawsuits brought by women who suffered numerous complications after having the trans-vaginal mesh implanted in them. These cases have been consolidated in the Southern District of West Virginia as well under the same judge and litigation is developing in this matter. There are no bellwether trials scheduled as of the date of this post. Further updates will be posted as trial information becomes available.

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